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At the Traveling Jones Theater our goal is to reintroduce America to American Literature using excellence in performing arts as the conduit.  Our current live theater production, “Edgar Allan Poe Comes Alive!” is a fantastic one-man show touring Virginia wherein Poe (Scott Craig Jones) comes alive and performs eight of his masterworks: The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Conqueror Worm, Spirits of the Dead, Eldorado, The Masque of the Red Death and A Dream Within a Dream, in their entirety.  The pieces are book ended by Poe himself (Jones) as he somewhat humorously reminisces about his life, and death.

Notice: Show is currently unavailable.

 Theater is on Hiatus for the 2016 season.

Working on video version of the show 

to be called "Poe Gets a Web-Cam"

See "Now Showing" Page for details above.  

"The gem of Scott Craig Jones’ portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe is his talent for replicating the tension Poe wove so beautifully into his poems and stories. Jones pours his heart and soul into his craft with the same precision as Poe, and the result is spectacular in his dreadfully wonderful production." – Theater Review 9/18/09

"Jones' performance reminds us how modern and accessible Poe is…dramatic but conversational, eschewing a moody, Vincent Price-style delivery."—Steve Cohen, Theater Review, The Philadelphia CityPaper 9/5/09


"Amazing! Such a wonderful job!" - Megan Bobrow, English 8 Teacher - Elkton Middle School, Virginia

For prices call - 818-749-3449



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